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A car cannot move without the engine's power. But how much power does a vehicle such as a car need? Cars have their specific power which is usually measured in CC. It signifies the displacement of the motor measured in cubic centimetres. The displacement denotes the calculation of the bore and the stroke.

In general, a higher the cubic centimetres represent more power. However, there might be a question that can arise in our minds? Does a vehicle always utilize the whole capacity of an engine or it can manage on relatively lesser? Besides, there is one more thing to consider. Does an engine generate the power at its entire capacity?

Sometimes, an engine might generate less power but it could be enough to move your car. However, it is not wise to drive with reduced engine power as it may invite many issues.

Most modern cars come with a reduced engine power warning light. It might get turned on once ECU experiences any sort of issue with the engine. However, there might be many reasons that lead to ECU turning reduced engine power warning light on.

What are The Reasons Behind the Reduced Engine Power Warning Light Turn On?

A mechanical system might get disturbed even by a simple defect. Similarly, an engine might be problematic in generating enough power due to an issue as simple as a clogged air filter.

However, there may be any other severe issues that can hamper an engine's operation.

These are the following reasons:

  1. Extremely low fuel level
  2. Heated coolant
  3. Reduced oil pressure

Besides, there are other simple issues such as:

  1. A blockage of the air to fuel mixture
  2. A degraded car engine oil
  3. Blocked air intake valves

Sometimes, a car needs maintenance while you have been neglected for a while.

You have been noticing reduced engine power light on for a while. Never delay to approach a reliable workshop such as Service My Car. You can ask for a car scanning and diagnostics service to find out the exact reason behind the reduced engine power.

Besides, you can opt for air filter replacement or car engine repair to make your car fit and fine again.

What Are The Consequences If You Drive With Reduced Engine Power?

However, you can drive your car with reduced engine power. Initially, there won't be any risk. But, you won't enjoy the drive as there would be improper acceleration with hard gear shifting. Besides, your car won't give enough mileage.

Besides, you do not focus on these issues for an extended period. You may have to pay for more than a simple repair. An engine is just like a heart to care, and even a small fault may cause a severe issue if it is ignored for a long time.

A major issue behind a car's reduced engine power is the heated coolant. The coolant does its job to cool down the entire engine while an extended usage or a leakage might lend your car's coolant under heated conditions. Therefore, it lacks the cooling capacity and your engine may hurt due to overheating.

Never delay if there is an issue with your car's coolant, specifically during the hot weather conditions.

On the other hand, the low fuel pressure also causes a lot of trouble for the engine. An engine may not get enough fuel for combustion due to low pressure. However, there are many causes behind the low fuel pressure such as a faulty fuel pump or a low-grade fuel, etc.

In case, your car reduced engine power light is on for a while now. Make sure, there is no issue with the fuel pressure. In case, you require professional help, just approach the Service My Car for a reliable car repair.

In case, it is the blocked air valve, you have to repair them before they get entirely damaged and will not be able to pass the required air to the engine.

An engine runs optimally only if it gets a proper mixture of the air to fuel mixture. An improper air to fuel mixture is not a good sign for the combustion process and eventually, for the combustion chamber and its components.

Besides, the engine oil is necessary lubrication. Your car does not like to be low on the car engine oil. However, your car undergoes a car oil change during service. But, if your car sustained a leakage, it might get leaked and get reduced before time.

These are a few important things that you have to keep in mind while experiencing the reduced engine. Besides, if you notice some sort of misfire during a drive, it also confirms an issue with your car's engine.

However, you can drive your car under these circumstances, but it is better to take prevention and approach car maintenance at a reliable workshop such as Service My Car.

A car is complex mechanical machine. An issue at one place might have impact at other place. In case, there is a complication to find the issues, just opt for an engine diagnosis at a trusted workshop. An engine coded scanner takes you to the issues right away; however, it needs a certain level of experience. You can find experts at Service My Car. Just call us or book a car service online.

If you need any type of Peugeot repair service or repair, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest Peugeot garage dubai center. Get a FREE and INSTANT quote for your car transmission repair on our website or on the Service My Car app.

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An argumentative essay is a small essay-expression written on a controversial topic. The essay defends a certain thesis regarding which it is possible to give arguments "for" and "against" 99papers reviews.


The purpose of writing an essay: To express and prove one's opinion, to convince the audience of a certain point of view and incline them to one's side. A great deal of attention is given to criticizing the opposing position.



First, we read the topic carefully and check what arguments the topic requires: arguments of a general nature or there is an opportunity to express one's own opinion. Then we think about the content, the completeness of the task. When planning an essay with arguments "for" and "against" we place the material in four paragraphs.


Structure of the essay

  1.  Introduction (statement of the problem).


  1. Arguments "for".


  1. Arguments "against".


  1. Conclusion.


Introduction (statement of the problem)

The first paragraph - the introduction - includes several sentences that introduce the topic and express its dual nature.


The following language material can be used:


Man sagt, dass... - It is said that ...


Laut (der Verfassung) ..., - By (the Constitution) ...


Nach den Worten von ... - According to ...


Es ist sehr interessant, ... - Interesting, ...


Es ist eine gute Frage, (ob)... - It is a good question, ...



Main part

When working on arguments, remember that we write the arguments for and against in separate paragraphs.


(+) ARGUMENTS FOR, for example:


Ich verstehe mich gut mit meinen Eltern. - I am on good terms with my parents.


Sie lieben mich. - They love me


Sie helfen mir immer, wenn ich Hilfe brauche. - They help me whenever I need help.


Dabei akzeptieren sie meine Meinung. - They acknowledge my opinion.


Dazu geben sie mir genug Taschengeld. - In addition, they give me enough pocket money.


(-) ARGUMENTS AGAINST, for example:


Die Erwachsenen können die Jugendlichen nicht verstehen. - Adults may not understand young people. 


Dabei meinen sie, dass die meisten Jugendlichen nur Spaß vom Leben haben wollen. - In addition, they think that mostly young people only want pleasure out of life. 


Dazu sind sie oft zu autoritär. - And they are also too authoritarian.


Außerdem akzeptieren sie nie die Meinung ihrer Kinder. - In addition, they do not recognize their children's opinions. 


The following conjunctions and allied words are used to introduce contrasting arguments: aber, andererseits, trotz (G.), trotzdem, obwohl, im Gegensatz zu.



In the last paragraph we should summarize what has been said and draw a conclusion: again, we write a sentence that reflects the contradictory nature of the topic, but at the same time, gives hope of finding a compromise. If the topic allows, you can clearly express your opinion here.


We use the expressions:


zum Schluss - in conclusion,


im Ergebnis - in the end,


also - so,


im Großen und Ganzen - in general,


zusammengefasst - summarizing.


Helpful hints

The sentence structures should be complex.

Try to use more impersonal sentences.

Do not use abbreviations (z.B., usw).

Give examples where possible.

Follow the rules of spelling and punctuation.

Compose compound sentences with conjunctions (und, denn, sondern, aber, oder, weil, daß, obwohl, and so on). Change the structure of the sentence. Use reverse word order.

Use as many adverbs as possible Time expressions (manchmal, letztes Jahr, in einem Jahr, vor vielen Jahren), expressions of opinion (meiner Meinung nach...) and expressions of probability (wahrscheinlich, hoffentlich, vielleicht ...).

In your introduction or conclusion, ask direct or indirect rhetorical questions (e.g., Warum ist das wichtig?).


Before you begin writing your essay, read the assignment carefully. Your text should be logically structured. If it has a clear structure, the reader will understand more quickly. This is also assessed on the exam.


Even before you begin, imagine the constituent parts of the text:

Introduction: restate the topic from the assignment.

Main part: give some arguments "for" and "against".

Conclusion: own experience and own opinion.


The introduction is the topic conveyed in other words. Learn to paraphrase the topic. Use synonymous constructions, or other grammatical constructions, or state the topic in your own words. You also need to explain to whom and why the topic matters.


Consider how you can improve the draft. Add adjectives (including comparative and superlative degrees), adverbs, descriptive phrases. Use synonyms, modal verbs, talking about what could or should happen; use the subjunctive mood. All these techniques will diversify your writing, make it more colorful and interesting. When writing an essay, you should not use abstruse words that you have seen in the dictionary and never use.

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In the last few years, traditional education is undergoing a major transformation. Not being present in the classroom anymore is a viable option. Online education is now available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are now in a new age -- the revolution of internet education.
The internet education debate isn't to be dismissed. It's difficult to understand why we would want to leave behind our traditional classrooms, especially when we are able to access the vast internet.
This does not mean that you should ignore the possibility. The alternative has been useful for many students and is valid. According to the latest survey by Babson Survey Research Group in the United States, more than 30% of higher education students take at least one online course. Online education is a good choice, regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult. It can be useful for students to sharpen their skills in difficult subjects or learn a new skill.
Continue reading to find five more reasons that you should enroll in online education.
1. It's flexible.
Online education allows both the teacher as well as the student to determine their own learning pace. It also offers the flexibility of creating a schedule that is convenient for them all. Online education offers a better way to manage work and study, so there's no reason to compromise on anything. You can learn essential time-management skills online, which will make it easier to achieve a balance between work and study. Both student and teacher should agree on the agenda. This will allow them to share more responsibility and autonomy.
2. It has a large selection of programs.
You can learn endless skills in a world as vast as the internet. There are increasing numbers of universities and higher education schools that offer online versions for their various programs. There are many choices for every student, from music composition to quantum mechanics. It is possible to study your program online and receive a certificate, diploma, or degree without even being on campus.
3. It's accessible.
Online education is a way to study and/or teach anywhere around the globe. This eliminates the need for you to travel to one location or follow a fixed schedule. This saves time and allows you to make more money for other priorities. Virtual classrooms are available wherever there is an internet connection. Traveling is one way to get the most out of them. Online education is great if you plan to study abroad and are looking for work. You don't need to give up studying, working, or exploring new and exotic locations.
4. It allows you to customize your learning experience.
We've discussed before how flexibility can be a great advantage in allowing you to study at your own pace. Online education is flexible enough to meet each student's specific needs and abilities.
Online classes are often smaller than conventional classes. Most often, only one student can use an online learning platform. This allows for more interaction and feedback between the tutor and you.
Access to a variety of materials such as videos and photos online is common. Tutors also have the ability to incorporate other formats such as forums and discussions to improve their lessons. These additional resources are available anytime, anywhere. This allows for a more customized and dynamic education.
5. It's cheaper than traditional education.
Online education tends to be cheaper than traditional in-person courses. A wide variety of payment options are available, such as the option to pay per class or in installments. This allows for better budget control. Many people may be eligible to receive discounts or scholarships. The cost of tuition is often very low. The commute to class and materials can often be free, so you can save money. So, while the cost of the monetary investment may seem lower, the return can be much better than with other options.
Final thoughts
These are just a few reasons why online learning can be a good choice for students. Every student must determine their own situation and make the right decision. Although this alternative to traditional education might not suit everyone, there are many options available for international students.